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Architects of Air

iarch-1.jpg (1081333 bytes)‘Luminarium’ – a sculpture that people enter to be immersed in radiant light and colour

iarch-2.jpg (219459 bytes)The structure is constructed from unsupported poly-vinyl chloride (pvcwithout reinforcing fabric).

iarch-3.jpg (314046 bytes)The pvc is cut out using hardboard templates.All structures are glued together.

iarch-4.jpg (351692 bytes)The structures have to work within very practical constraints:

-they should not be so big that they cannot fit onto potential host sites - perhaps even catering to specific sites 

-they should be easily broken down into a convenient number of more portable elements

-they should allow easy drainage of water

-they should be relatively stable in wind

-the walkways should all be in contact with the ground to permit passage of wheelchairs

-the ceiling must always be well above head height to make it easy for adults to move around without bending

-there should be integrated strong and frequent anchor points

-the should work within reasonable overall weight limits

-they should recognize the potential deformations that can be caused by air pressure on unreinforced pvc

iarch-5.jpg (65862 bytes) "They are flexible modular structures that can be positioned around trees, lamp posts or statues."

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